Postcards from the edge

5 06 2008

They weren’t postcards, and they weren’t from the edge, but some days I feel like I’m on the absolute edge of my sanity.  I swear, some days, if it wasn’t for my complete aversion to prison orange and institutions in general, I’d be locked away frittering my day away turning the inmates into my bitches!


It’s hard to believe it’s Thursday already, but when you’re entire week is a weekend, the days all tend to meld into one.  For those of you who think it may be entertaining to not work, think again.  I’d return to work in a heartbeat.  This is driving me nuts.  Hence the edge.

Meanwhile, back to the day at hand.  I mosied off to check the post box this morning to find a package from home.  My Mum had forwarded me my new Frequent Flyer tags and cards.  While I was travelling recently I accumulated enough bonus points to be upgraded.  Once I was bronze…  Now I’m Gold, and Sapphire.  Purdy!

Anyway…  My Mum being Mum, the first thing I did when I opened the envelope was to flip through all the contents looking for a personal inclusion, and I found it!

Photos, of the family and I and my nephew Jack.  Now it’s no secret that on some level I’m always homesick, but it certainly comes crashing home when you get photos that were taken recently of you with your family, from back on your home turf.

Hmmm…  Suddenly I see a parallel.  Homesick, home turf…  Frequent Flyer tags with upgraded cards…

Perhaps another trip is called for in the near future.  I can’t see it happening, as it’s not economical, but I most certainly don’t want it to be as long between visits as it has been.

There you have it.  Another day in my life.  The excitement lives on. 😐