The skies on fire

8 06 2008

Great Gods!  The sun was out today.   It was such a shock to see so much light and the big bright fiery ball in the sky that I had to fire up Google just to see what it was.

Apparently it’s the Sun.  Not often seen in Seattle, but today was one of those rare days.

Makes for a nice change, especially since it’s been warmer back home in Australia.  During Winter!!

Speaking of good things though.  We found a new Sushi Train Restaurant, well new for us anyway, in Bellevue today called Sushi Yama.  The best part, it’s the best one we’ve found since we’ve been here.  Even better, we get 20% discount there.

Gotta love that!

So sun, sushi and a discount!

Sunday is officially a happy day.

Time to go though, heading off to continue watching Cloverfield.  Which up until 15 minutes in was pretty tedious, now the action’s started I need to pay attention.  The Jury is out for the time being on what I think of the film.  Let’s see how it plays out.