Welcome to June-uary

9 06 2008

Monday started a little earlier than I’d have liked.  For some reason I was wide awake at 5am and staring at the ceiling unable to go back to sleep.

Rather than waste time, I got up and got breakfast started in readiness for the gym, and sat down with my bowl of porridge I turned on the news.  Imagine how surprised I was when the Weather came on with a Blizzard Alert.

That’s right, you read it correctly.  June, Summer, Blizzard Alert!

What the?

Ok, admittedly it the alert isn’t for Seattle, or Redmond which is where I’m located.  But it is for the Cascade Mountains which are within an hours drive of here.
The alert begins at 6pm this evening and will remain current until 5am tomorrow morning, with the rest of Seattle and it’s outlying towns being warned to expect horizontal rain, wind, cold temperatures and storms.  Who knows, with the way things have been, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we get a little snow too.

It’s not quite what I’m used to.  Summer, with the heater on.

AND, would you believe, as I type this, it’s pouring down with rain, and the Lawn Maintenance guy has arrived and is mowing the lawns.  Insane.  Not only is the grass almost a foot high (3 weeks growth!!!), it’s wet, so it’s going to be a right ruin when he’s done.

The insanity is rife!

Oh well, back to it!  I’m going to go rest a while.  I’ve been to Physio for my shin splints this afternoon, and I’m just a little (read a lot) in pain right now.  Therapeutic pain, but pain nonetheless.  *laugh*