The road to well being is one of torture

10 06 2008

You know you’ve got a Sadist for a Physical Therapist when she laughs as she inflicts mercilessly long bouts of pain on you.  Admittedly it’s all in my own best interests.  But OMG OWWWWW!

Turns out after all this time, exercising, Doctors, Podiatrists etc.  That my shin splint issues are all caused by weak Glutes.  Since they’re weak and not stabilising my legs properly when I run, a lot of the stress has been shifted to smaller weaker muscles in my calf creating the shin splints.
It was good to find out though, that I’d done the right thing and stopped running the moment the pain started, especially the pain that woke me in the middle of the night while I was asleep.
Apparently that’s the sort of pain that’s an ominous sign of impending stress fractures.  Phew!  I most certainly don’t want those.

So now I have a list of exercises and stretches to do, that leave me hurting, but in a way that”s kind of pleasurable, in that exercise is good for you kind of way.  It’s the deep tissue massage of the inflamed areas followed by 15 minutes of icing that’s painful.

Of course it’s hard to convince your therapist that you’re in pain when your reaction to pain is to laugh.  Ok, I admit it, my response wiring is obviously backwards.  It hurts, I laugh.  My therapist laughs.  I hurt more, laugh loud.

Owww owwwww OWWWW!

I guess laughing is a lot more acceptable than the string of profanities I could have yelled. *laugh*

Well that’s it.  This blog entry is drawing to a close, I’ve done my stretches and my exercises, iced, and now it’s time to thaw out.

Have a good one! 😉