Give me the epidural!

11 06 2008

Now I’ve heard it said that Men are wimps.  That if they had to go through childbirth they’d never cope with the pain. Well, I’m not one to argue.  I agree.  I have a pretty high pain threshold, but there are cirtain circumstances where I want drugs.  Drugs, drugs and MORE drugs.  My mantra is “Give me total pain and sensory deprivation”.

Which leads me in to today’s follow up Physical Therapy session.  *laugh*

I know that it’s for my own good, and that it’s going to rectify my shin splint issues, but “OMG” the shin massage hurts.

My therapist; Shelly is awesome.  I still think she’s a sadist though, she smiles far too much during the torture. ;)  I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

I honest to god thought that she was raking her finger nails down the insides of my calf this morning, I felt the same the other day too.  Today was awful, awful enough that I sat up from a horizontal position without the aid of my arms in sheer agony to see if she really was using her nails, or a sharp and pointed instrument.
No, not at all, she was in fact using the pads of her thumbs, my shins are just that bad right now.
She calls it “Shelly Love”, I’d argue, but it works.  Today she promised to leave me with a “Shelly Hangover”.  Eek! 😉


Admittedly though, now the associated exercises and deep tissue massage have finished for the day, and concluded with a 15 minute session of Ice, I feel so much better.  Exhausted, sore, but comfortable and ready for a good sleep.

Mmm sleep.  That’s what I’m going to go do.

But not before I wish my dad luck with his surgery today.  Good luck Dad!!

… and wish Shelly a Happy Birthday for tomorrow.