I didn’t fall off!

19 06 2008

Woohoo!  I finally managed to get outside in the sunshine and ride my new bike, and inside a week of having it.
Although today is the one week anniversary of when we found each other…  Awww.  *laugh*

Jamie, cleats are the attachments to your riding shoes that allow you to clip your feet to the pedals.  Nifty things when you know how to use them.  When you don’t…  Well, let’s just say, that if you don’t manage to unclip your feet when you cease momentum, you’ll soon get a personal gravity experience. 😉

I cheated.  I haven’t gotten around to putting the cleats on my shoes yet, so after donning my snazzy new helmet, I jumped on my equally snazzy new bike in normal shoes and took off for a nice ride into the sunshine.  Where I quickly discovered that despite all the gym time I’ve put in over the last 12 months, I’m definitely not accustomed to biking.
So I guess over the coming days, weeks, months etc. I’ll be out there building up my endurance and getting used to the whole biking experience again.  It’s hard to believe that as a young teenager I spent all of my time on my bike riding for hours without breaking a sweat.  Not so much these days.  But I’ll get there.

So it’s been a great day.  Racquetball this morning, where I won both games.  Yay me!  Then biking this afternoon followed by a nice big crunchy Asian salad and some much needed cold water.

Then some household chores.  We’ve friends arriving from Edinburgh, Scotland this weekend.  Richard and Beth.  I met Beth as she was one of the Bridesmaids at the wedding I was Bestman at.  Her boyfriend, correction!  Fiance.  He proposed last week and she accepted.  CONGRATULATIONS!  …are arriving here on the weekend.  It’ll be great to see them both again.

That’s it for now.  Have a good one!



2 responses

19 06 2008

I thought they may have been those thingos that go on your shoes, but I thought it best to ask.

Good to know you enjoyed your first day out and totally understand the whole “when I was a kid I was biking everywhere” that was so me too.

Not anymore, not anymore 😦

19 06 2008

Believe me, until recently I had no idea what they were either.

In fact I had to call the shop today and had no idea what they were talking about, so told them as much, so they explained in terms I could understand. 😉

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