Scary thought…

24 06 2008

It occurred to me this afternoon that I quite possibly now know more trivia and facts about Seattle than I do about my own home town Melbourne back in Australia, and all because I’ve been a good host and taken all of our visitors on all the tourist activities around town. 

Since we’ve had plenty of visitors, I’ve been on most of these activities multiple times.  For example, The Underground Tour, today was my 6th or 7th visit.  I’m not sure which, I can’t remember, but the guide did tell me that I was welcome to continue the tour presentation as he was losing his voice. *laugh*

Shame I can’t get a job as a tour guide…

All in all though, it was a definite fun day.  It looks like Summer is finally here too.  Three whole consecutive days of blue skies and sun, it’s definitely shorts weather again.

Ok, best get back to playing “Host with the Most”.




4 responses

25 06 2008

I did the underground tour when I was out there. Very cool. Also, I adored archie mcphees. Most of the rest of my memories of seattle are the food (esp the sushi.) I’m such a glutton!


26 06 2008

I would like to request a tour, please, mister. 😉

26 06 2008

Birdwoman… I’ve not been to Archie McPhees yet, but it’s top of the list next time I’m on that side of the lake.

Matt… Well, next time you’re in town…

29 06 2008

I’ll hold you to it. 😉

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