Pain in the neck!

25 06 2008

… and I’m not referring to Mark this time.  But it is implied. *laugh*

No, today started off a little later than normal with a nice long sleep in.  Yesterday was another busy touristy day with Beth and Richard, and last night was our last night with them.  It was sad to see them go, but we certainly had a lot of fun! 🙂

So the sleep in was a nice change of pace.  Then it was all chores followed by Physical Therapy (PT) and a game of racquetball.  PT as always is therapeutic but can be a little painful, so it was no surprise today when I walked away feeling a little tender.

No problem there though, after grabbing my racquet I head off for a game of racquetball.  My mind was very quickly distracted from any residual PT pain when the lovely Alex smashed the ball with all of his might smacking me in the back of the neck.


Fortunately there’s no damage other than an “ouchy mark”, and I have to admit that after I’d put a very cold, very wet towel on my neck for a while, I laughed about it.  It wasn’t intentional, and it really was funny.  Well after the pain faded.  *laugh*

That’s it, that was my day.  Oh almost.  I also collected my new bike rack for the car, so now rather than have to drive Mark to the gym on Friday mornings, and either hanging around waiting the hour until it’s my turn to see my trainer, or driving home, only to have to return.  He can drive there, and I can ride my bike and then drive it home.

Much better!

It also means I can drive to all the really good bike paths and pedal merrily along them all before coming home.  Gotta love that.

Ok, that’s it, I’m outta here!




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