Holy heat wave Batman!

29 06 2008

The sun was out again here in Washington.   I know!  Shock horror!  In fact it was warm enough to finally drag the dog’s wading pool out of the garage and fill it up for them to play in, and play they did.

A rousing game of go fetch saw them both take running jumps and land in the middle sending water splashing everywhere while they submerged their heads digging in the bottom.  No idea why, but whenever they’re hot they try and dig through their water bowl too…

Strange yet true.

As for the cats, well Mulder has spent the last few days refusing to come inside while he lies outside soaking up every available ray of sun, and Oliver has spent most of his time sprawled out on the bed on his back, paws in the air under the ceiling fan.

For me… it’s been a mixture of inside and outside enjoying the sun each chance I get, along with having a nap this afternoon.  Now though, it’s time for dinner, and a movie.  Tonight, we’re off to see Wall-E.