Post glimpse into the beyond

31 07 2008

Well not quite, but our evening with Lisa Williams was pretty damn awesome.

Not only did I get to see her up close; we were three rows from the stage, but she came down into the audience, and as I was on the aisle I had her standing next to me for a little while.

Certainly an interesting evening.

There was one “message” that I’m pretty sure was directed at me, but since they can be interpreted differently by others I could be wrong.  But all the information being given was spot on for my family.

Grandfather named George, a great auntie who had breast cancer, an amputated toe in recent times (not mine, my uncle’s), and many other things.  Another gentleman in the audience claimed he had the grandfather named George, but from that point onwards all other information he had was different.  He had an uncle not an aunt with cancer, and it was lungs not breasts, there was a finger, not a toe amputated.  However there was also information there for him.

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m slightly skeptical, but there was a lot of information there that was too eerily close, and there is absolutely no way that any of that information could have been obtained without knowing my immediate family.  We weren’t interviewed, there were no applications, at no time was I questioned, and to top it off, I didn’t even pay for the tickets, so there was no possible way that a credit card search could have come up with anything.  Oh, and I’m a visitor here from Australia, so I’m not even from this country.

So colour me impressed!

I’d definitely go see her again.  There was other information there, but I’m going to keep that for myself for now.

Overall though, I’m convinced.

Hooroo for now!

Lisa Williams, Medium and Clairvoyant

30 07 2008

Today is day two of being back in my own bed, and I couldn’t be happier.  The pets are loving it also.

I’m almost back into a routine again too.

This evening we’re heading into Seattle to see Lisa Williams, a Medium and Clairvoyant.  I discovered her while watching television some time ago; Life Among the Dead, and must confess I love her.  Of all the similar shows available, she’s, to me, the most honest and believable.

I guess you could say I’m a fan.

So, I’m very much looking forward to this evening.  Mark as a sceptic decided to come along, good for him, but if he talks inappropriately, he may have to use her to make contact with the living…  If you get what I mean. ;)  *laugh*

Hooroo for now!

Legoland California

29 07 2008

You’re going to have to be patient.

We arrived home very late last night, and I didn’t make it to bed until nearly 3am this morning so I’m pretty tired.

So I’m going to have to get back to you with the details.  But to remind myself I’ll make some notes.

Lego Land
– Parking
– Queues
– Screaming Kids
– Water Park and Rides

Californian Driving
– Freeway




As for today, it was a relatively quiet one, fortunately since I couldn’t sleep when I got home I did all the laundry, kept my sunburn moisturised, spent time with the pets.  Typed this sorry excuse for a blog entry.  I WILL FLESH IT OUT!  I promise!

… and now it’s time to watch some television then have an early night.



*** Saturday 2nd August 8.19pm

It’s been a while in the making, but here’s the flesh out.

On our last day in San Diego we hired a PT Cruiser for the day and drove to Lego Land, approximately 40 minutes away.  Mark had pre-purchased the tickets for us, which as a horrific $69.00 per adult, had us slightly stunned.

So you can guess how much more excited we were to discover that there’s also a $10 charge just to park the car, and if you want to park closer to the gates, the price goes up exponentially.  It’s a rort!

Anyway, being Lego, I expected a lot of it to be under cover, except for the rides.  It wasn’t.  The Lego was pretty awesome, the crowds of screaming children…  Not so awesome.

The rides were ok, but certainly not geared for adults.

Best ride of the day would have to be the Pirate Boats.  Each boat is on a track, and has 4 riders, 2 facing forwards, and 2 facing back.  Each rider gets a hand operated (you wind really fast) water gun, which allows you to hose down the other riders in other boats. 

BUT, and this is where it gets good, it also allows you to hose down members of the general public that are standing too close to the ride.  This was my favourite part!

Between us we managed to hose a baby in a pram, a woman on her cell phone, masses of passing people, and my personal favourite, one of the park characters dressed as a Pirate.  Rather than be upset with us, he let out a loud Pirate cry "Ahhharrrrr!  We’re under attack!", and ran for the water cannons on the outside of the ride.

That’s right, the public has cannons to shoot back and soak the riders.  Gotta love it!

Much fun!

Unfortunately, as everything was outside, and I’d stupidly not applied sunscreen, I got burnt, and of course by the time I realised, it was far too late.

I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon with a napkin full of ice rubbing my forehead, which now, almost a week later is still peeling.  Despite the slathering’s of after sun lotion.

It was fun, but I’m not rushing back, certainly not for the price we paid.

As for the freeways…  Californians truly are mad.  It’s like Melbourne only crazier.  Melbournian’s drive fast, and defensively, but they’re courteous.  Californians drive faster, more haphazardly, and courtesy is just a word that appears in the dictionary.  While I was 10 miles faster than the posted limit, they were 30 miles faster.  You really had to have your wits about you not to be swept off the road.

The flight home…  Well it certainly wasn’t full by anyone’s standards, but we did have 40 teenagers who were flying back to Seattle after a Soccer competition.  Initially I thought it was going to be a hell flight.
Fortunately after talking to them for a bit they kindly left us alone, and terrorised the rest of the plane.  Complete with wearing the complimentary blankets as capes, and the pillow cases as hats, and "flying" up and down the aisle like super heroes despite the seatbelt lights being lit and the plane bouncing around in turbulence.

The poor flight attendants…  Really though, it was pretty funny, certainly made the flight entertaining, and it was harmless enough.

So there you have it.  It took me a while, but I finally got to it.

Was it worth the wait?  Probably not, but I’ve upheld my end of the bargain! 😉

Last day in San Diego

28 07 2008

Well this is it, it’s our last day.

Unfortunately, despite the great weather, I’m not going to get the chance to go swimming.  Grr!  Despite their being some great beaches here. 

This trip has been completely devoted to trips into Nerd-dom.

Today we’re checking out of the Hotel, picking up a rental car, heading out to Lego Land (which I actually don’t mind, I do love my Lego), and flying back to Seattle this evening.

Home (for now, Australia is STILL home!), reunite with the pets who’ve been under the care of our friend Scott.  THANKS SCOTT!, unpack, and resume life as I know it.

… AND get back to the gym!  Other than a whole lot of walking, and truly there’s been a LOT, I’ve not worked out since I left, and I really do miss it.

Alrighty, I started this while Mark was asleep and it was peaceful, he’s since woken, so it really is time to get the day rolling.

Next entry will be a recap and from Washington.


Final Day!

27 07 2008

YAY! 😉

… AND I survived it.  Comic-Con has closed for 2008 and there’s no possible chance I’ll be dragged back for another day.
*happy dance*

Ok, last night I left you just as I was heading out to a movie.  Plan 9 from Outer Space at the Balboa Theatre.  Unbeknownst to me, it was a movie that also included 3 gents, of comedic value, who narrated and heckled throughout the film in all the appropriate parts, to make an already hilarious B-grade movie, truly hysterical.

Such comments as “Costumes direct from Homo-tania”, and a complete lack of filming continuity kept us in fits and giggles all evening.  Movies have come a very long way.

An emergency call to a cemetary in the evening, cuts to a police car speeding down a dirt road in daylight, screeching to a stop, and cutting straight back to a darkened cemetary.

Or…  Woman lying in bed, photo of her and husband above the bed, cut to Monster, cut back to woman in bed, and photo above her head is now a random landscape…

I’d have snorted in my popcorn if I actually ate the stuff.  Mark would have too, but by then he’d eaten it all.


Post movie, we returned to the Hotel, ordered room service and fell asleep.

Cut to morning.  Hmm.. there’s lots of cutting in this entry!  Guess I’d better cut to the chase!  *boom boom*

Mark being Mark, the alarm was set for around 7am, also known as “Panic O’clock”.  Any time Mark want’s to be somewhere, all time before we actually arrive is referred to as “Panic O’clock”.  There’s always lots of drama.

Anyway, we woke, we breakfasted, hit the Comic-Con, missed out on the Smallville Panel as the queue was huge and had been capped before we arrived, so instead took some items we’d purchased to the local Fedex and shipped them back to the house to save carting them on the plane.

On the way to the Convention I thought to myself that it was strange that I’d not yet bumped into anyone that I know, as it seems regardless of where I am in the world there’s always someone I know nearby.  No need to worry though, within the hour while queuing at the Fedex I felt someone grab my arm, turned around to discover our friend Danny who we’d met through mutual friends a month prior.  Small world!  He was working at the convention.

After a quick catch up, we checked out some more of the Convention, wandered off and caught the end of the Women in Marvel Panel, then The DC Nation Panel, wandered around a little more, had lunch, sat in on the end of a Rogue Pictures Panel, and a Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra Panel (primarily to dodge the queue for the next item), actually enjoyed it more than we imagined we would, then closed the day with a Buffy the Musical “Once more with feeling” which closed the Comic-Con for 2008.

So not a bad day.

Now we’re back at the hotel, have packed the cases all ready for the morning, I’m sipping on an iced coffee, we’re about to go grab dinner, and will call it a night.

Day 3 at the Con.

26 07 2008

This is gunna be short as we’re about to head out to see a truly bizarre movie, and then grab some dinner.

So I’ll re-cap quickly.  For the full effect…  READ FAST!

Ok.  Ready?  Here we go.

  • Caught a panel with Kevin Smith – IT ROCKED LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE!  I love the man!
  • Dinner
  • Slept
  • Woke up
  • Headed back to Comicon
  • Missed the Heroes Panel because the queue was 400 bazillion miles long (maybe not, but too long for us)
  • Caught the Futurama and Simpsons Panels as an alternative – very cool
  • Dean Koontz Panel – Even Mark enjoyed this despite it being about books with NO PICTURES! 😉
  • Dollhouse Panel – Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku (love her and I’d swap sides for her!  REALLY!)
  • DC Animation with a excerpt from the new Wonderwoman animated movie being released Feb 09 – IT LOOKS AWESOME!
  • Chuck Panel…  interesting, not unenjoyable, but it’s a great show all the same
  • I left Mark, went shopping, watched a drama unfold in Macy’s.  Some “man” had photographed a lady in the dressing rooms.  It wasn’t me I promise.  But I did act all horrified, and justifiably shocked, got questioned on my accent, used my Australian license for ID to prove my identity when paying by credit card, and in doing so managed to convince the girl at the counter that I was visiting from Australia (technically I am, but 2 years is a long visit), so she gave me an International Visitors discount!  Colour me happy!
  • Freshened up at the Hotel and got changed.  Returned to Comicon.
  • Met up with Mark, and saw the Sarah Silverman Panel.  Entertaining, but not as funny as the show itself, primarily due to so many people “Asking questions” prefaced by their life story – sigh.  ASK THE DAMN QUESTION!  I’m not interested!
  • Returned the Hotel, where I’m typing this entry right now, or earlier as you’re reading it post typing! 😉
  • Enjoying a coffee.  Starbucks.  Strangely enough, Starbucks SanDiego is better than back where it was created in Washington.  Hmmm.

There ya go.  Nutshelled and time for me to go again.


Comic-Con Day 2

25 07 2008

My resolve is dwindling…

We caught the Dr Who and Torchwood panels yesterday, which were VERY cool.  I took photos which I’ll upload at a later date when I have a much faster Internet connection than the one I’m using now.  (I’m using my mobile phone, as Internet is ridiculously expensive at the hotel).

The writers, executive producer and cast members in attendance were:

Julie Gardner, Steven Moffatt, John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto) and Naoko Mori (Tosh).

All of those on the panel were engaging, and enjoyable.

A highlight of the panel was seeing/hearing John Barrowman and Naoko Mori sing a song from Miss Saigon, that they had performed many years prior.

We didn’t get autographs though.  That was until today.  We both fought with the fact that to obtain an autograph from either John Barrowman or Gareth David-Lloyd you had to purchase a photo or John’s book to have it autographed.

However, we caved in today, and both bought a copy of the book each, and a photo of each of them which were all duly signed.  Unfortunately photographs with the actors were frowned on, but we did manage to get photos of them, without us all the same.

Today has also been another day of absolutely epic queuing.  To call it ridiculous just wouldn’t do it any justice.  Insane might be a little more appropriate, a little, not totally.

Jumping back a bit though.  Post Comic-Con yesterday we caught Video Games Live, an evening of Video Games music as performed by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and accompanying Choir.  Pretty awesome, the evening concluded with fireworks and us being invited to the VIP reception afterwards, because, we’re THAT special.

Actually, it’s because Mark purchased the premium tickets which entitled us to entry.  We each grabbed a free cookie at the reception then left.  Ha!

On top of today’s already afore mentioned items we also attended a panel for The Big Bang Theory, a relatively new television show, and one that has captured our attention.  It’s witty, clever and pretty damn hilarious.  The cast from that were also informative, and just as hilarious in person as they are in the show itself.

So to summarise, more Comic-Con, actors from favourite shoes, no autographs, Symphony, fireworks, sleep, Comic-Con, autographs from previous days actors, lunch and blog…

Hooroo for now!

Back up the truck!

24 07 2008

Ok, so it’s day two in San Diego, and I’m feeling a little more rested.

For those of you concerned about my need for a nap yesterday after sleeping on the plane…

I was awake until 2am yesterday morning getting ready for the trip, and then awake at 5am to get to the airport.  My sleep on the plane was about 45 minutes in duration.
Believe me…  The nap was well warranted.  Especially when you take into account, I’m a non-comic person being dragged to four days of comic immersion amongst the swags of the “great unwashed” at Comic-Con.

ComicBookGuy1 To be fair, not everyone at the convention conforms to what I imagined most attendants of the convention would look like.  Think “Comic Book Guy” from the Simpson’s…  That may be an unfair assumption, but I can promise you, enough people in attendance fit the stereotype to justify my assumption.

Speaking of stereotype.  I saw a t-shirt there yesterday which I liked:  “I don’t like stereotyping, but it does save time”.  Pretty applicable in this case.

I’ll also say this, and keep in mind, I’m still losing weight myself, and I totally understand that it’s not the easiest task in the world.  But at the Comic-con, I felt emaciated.  I’m by far one of the skinniest attendees.

So, there is a positive! 😉

Mark has our entire stay itinerised, so you can imagine his dismay when we left to collect our badges to attend the event and Preview Night when he saw the queue.  Which, I kid you not, was easily over a kilometre long.  I now know how Salmon feel when the swim upstream.

We could see where we needed to go, but were ushered left of our destination into a massive crowd.  Not just a crowd though, it was a queue.  A super, massive, queue that switched back on itself several times.

Now I”d be lying if I said I felt bad about what occurred next, but since it saved what could possibly have been up to two hours of standing in line, I’ll confess, I followed the pack, but at a faster pace, dragging Mark behind me, cut queue, befriended another group (Mark was only to happy to speak with others of "his own kind") and placed ourselves a lot closer to the end destination than we’d otherwise have been.

Actually I should probably be ashamed of myself for racing to get inside faster!  Ha!  But as I mentioned, a lot of the other attendants, are what I’ll refer to as "unique", and by that I mean strange.  Not all, but certainly enough.

We finally made it inside though, got our badges, bag of free goodies.  I have no idea what’s in the bag, I’ve not looked.  Wandered around a bit, and there really is lots to look at, the event itself is kind of cool, there’s quite a lot to see, but I’m really not a "fan boy’ in general.  There are things I like, but I’ve never understood the compulsion to collect, pay homage too, or worship people or items.  Primarily, I’m not a fan of crowds, specifically crowds of devoted fans who push, squeeze, crush, and will trample you to the ground given half a chance.

In this respect, Mark’s probably lucky that I was with him.  Firstly, I’m bigger than he is, thanks somewhat to genetics, a previously bad diet (remember, I’m still getting fit ;)), I work out, and I also don’t tolerate being pushed or crushed.

Sounds fun doesn’t it.  I guess you could say, and I’d be hard pressed to argue, I can be impatient and assertive in my own requirements for personal space.  That’s the polite explanation. *grin*

Anyway, Mark’s goal for the evening was to purchase some limited edition Batman and Joker figurines, which apparently there were only 5000 of each available.  He knew roughly where they were, but of course, like a Geek Moth to a Comic Flame, immediately wandered off towards all the sparkly, glittery offerings.  (I have to point out now, I’m really NOT looking forward to seeing exactly what he ends up bringing home with us – the guy is a hoarder of epic proportions!).  Me being the pragmatist however, asked what he wanted, where it was, and on hearing the aisle number, started making my way through the crowds with him in tow towards our destination, and as it happens, our next queue.

This one wasn’t quite as long as the previous one, but long enough that it warranted him asking what the people waiting in line, were actually waiting for.  Fortunately, they were all in line for the items he was lusting after.
So in line we popped, and waited.  I joked, "Wouldn’t it be funny if the people in front of us got the last ones just before we got to the counter".  Mark wasn’t too impressed!  He he!

Short story, although judging by what I’ve typed so far, I fear it’s too late for that.  They had stock available, and we managed to get 4 of each of the limited items.  Mark got some for himself, I got some for eBay.  You can’t say I’m not enterprising.  😉

While we’d been wandering Mark had noticed many people with large Warner Brothers bags on their shoulders, bags which apparently were complimentary.  Also as I discovered, in very high demand.
Let’s just say, the crowd was immense, everyone was crushing, grasping hands and reaching arms everywhere and people screaming.  Not fun!

Remember though, I’m "assertive", I got to the front without injuring myself or anyone around me, got two bags, and backed out quickly, fending off grasping hands trying to liberate me of my valiantly won item.  Back off sunshine, or I’ll tear your face off!  Is what I was thinking as I fought my way out… 😉

I prefer to think of my efforts as time saving, the faster I move, the less time I’m stuck somewhere I don’t want to be.  It all works out.

Of course as with most Comic Conventions there are gazillions (technical term 😉 ) of people dressed up as various characters, and most of them aren’t actually working the event, they’re just attending.  They’re enthusiastic these comic people!

Anyway, we survived Preview Night, and will be heading back again soon this morning.  Sigh!  Oh well, one night down, four days to go.  Perhaps I can consider my efforts a workout…

Comic-Con aside, we’re staying at the US Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego, a very posh and swank hotel.  It’s five star, and not our first choice, but despite booking accommodation back in January it was all that was available.  It’s very nice, but we were a little horrified to discover that our room appeared smaller than we were led to believe it would be, and suited more to one person than two.
This was a theory proven later on when we returned to our room to find the bed had been turned down and prepared for one person.

Mark contacted Guest Services who confirmed the room had been listed for a sole occupant.  Amazing really, when there were two adults present at Check In, and two room keys organised.  Duh!

It took several calls both to Expedia who confirmed our booking was for two people, and Guest Services who advised it wasn’t.  Our main concern was that we get what we paid for, and believe me, the prices here…  Nice as the hotel is, we want value for our money.  It’s NOT cheap!

After much phone discussion, and Mark going off with the Night Manager to investigate another room, we were moved from our little box on the Seventh floor, to a sprawling room on the Third floor, on the corner of the hotel looking out on two sides over San Diego.  Much better!  I can now change my mind without having to leave the room to do it. 😉

So there you have it, that’s yesterday in a rather large nutshell.  Mark is wandering around the room behind me having a not so mild panic attack that I’m typing a blog entry, and Comic-Con is opening in a few minutes, AND we’ve not had breakfast yet, AND we need to get in the queue, AND….  you get the drift.

Today will be a little more interesting for me, there’ll be Dr Who and Torchwood panels. 

Overall though, I’m in San Diego, and it’s a beautiful location.

Ok, before I go, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY’S to the lovely LARN!  Hope you had a great day!

I’m outta here!  Hooroo!

San Diego, California

23 07 2008

We’re here!  The flight was effortless, but then I’ve had a whole lot of practice flying in recent times.

The row directly across the aisle from us was empty, so as soon as the plane doors were closed, and there was no possible chance of anyone else boarding, I dove across the aisle and claimed all three seats for myself.

I stayed awake long enough to read some of my book, get a drink, then pulled up all the arms on the three chairs, and curled up for a sleep.

Bliss!  Even economy can be luxurious! 😉

The weather here is great, the view from the plane window was very reminiscent of home (Australia).  Everything is brown and dry, that is, except for the golf courses.  They’re all bright green.

Although unlike Australia, there was a thick brown band of smog above the city.

It’s still pretty though, and warmer than Washington.

So while I’m still reticent about being dragged to Comicon, at least the weather’s nice.

Hooroo!  I need a nap!

San Diego here I come

22 07 2008

It’s the night before we fly out to San Diego for almost a week.  As I’ve never been to San Diego before I’m slightly excited, as Mark is dragging me to Comicon for 4 days, I’m not quite as excited as I might have been.

Granted, there will be things there that I’ll find interesting, but I’ve never been a groupie, or such a devoted fan that I’ve felt it necessary to be in the personal space of someone I’ve seen in the media.  Let alone surrounded by people dressed to emulate their favourite characters.

Imagine 2000 storm troupers, and assorted super heroes…  It all gets a bit much.  We’ll see…

As it stands, we’ve not packed a thing, but at least the pets are all under control, a friend of ours is pet and house sitting for us.  So they’ll at least be able to enjoy the comforts of home in our absence, a nice change for them after us being overseas for a little over a month last time.

So that’s it.  I’ve stacks to do this evening, so I imagine it’s going to be a late night, followed by an early morning wake up to get to the airport, for the next adventure.

Stay tuned!