Then the skies opened

3 07 2008

Five straight days of sunshine in Seattle…  It couldn’t last, and it didn’t.  Although the change was a welcome respite, if only because it saved me having to water the garden, and it stopped all the locals whining about how hot it’s been.  *laugh*

It rained most of the night, complete with thunderstorms and lightning which was pretty cool.  Well cool for me, not so much the dogs who hate loud noises, and the rain today was pretty cool.  The raindrops on the windscreen as I was driving were 5cm (2”) wide.  Huge!

Speaking of loud noises.  Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the US.  So it’ll be fireworks galore.  The dogs will go mental.

So the plan tomorrow is this.  Wake up, breakfast, work out, take the dogs to the dog park, run them around, throw them in the river for a swim, bring them home, bath them, then drug them to the eyeballs.
That also means I have to be home the entire evening to keep an eye on them.  So we’ll be a fireworks free zone.  Kind of a shame, but I guess that’s the price you pay for being the parent of a furry neurotic child.  😉

Ok, I’m outta here, it’s dinner time and I’m stah-ving.