Independence Day

4 07 2008

It’s today, for America.  For us, it’s just a day where we have to try and keep the dogs calm and isolated from the loud noises of fireworks.  Of course, that’s quite difficult, so it’ll be drug day for them.

Which, I have to say is kind of funny on some level as you watch their pupils get all dilated.  Fortunately they spend most of their day sound asleep anyway, today, while not the nicest for them, as they’ll be chemically retarded, at least they won’t be able to hurt themselves in fright when the fireworks start.  Which if last year was anything to go by, will be anytime from 5pm onwards, and by onwards I mean for the next couple of days…

At least it’s a nice day, we’ve stocked the house with goodies, drinks, nibbles and other assorted items of sustenance and we’ll be settling in for the afternoon soon.