Yes Minister!

5 07 2008

It’s no secret that I’ve far too much free time on my hands, so of course I get to spend a lot of time searching the Internet, amongst other things.

It was during one of my searches, that I stumbled across the Universal Life Church, and the opportunity to become an ordained minister.

So guess what?  I’m now ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto , California, and available for Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, and of course confessions.

My resume has been diversified! 😉

For any of you worried that I’m being irreverent…  Well, no more than usual, but I do take the role seriously.  It’s certainly not a joke.

I really do need to find a new hobby, but at least now if I kill at racquetball, I can officiate the post-game funeral! 😉

Nite all!