Back to back bookings

10 07 2008

Wow!  It was almost like I was employed today.  Such a nice change.

Of course, and just in case Immigration stumbles across my blog.  I AM NOT EMPLOYED, NOR AM I WORKING! 

I did however have a day full of appointments, racquetball, a semi-social, a walk through to check out pet boarding kennels, a haircut, pick up a lock-pin for my bike rack (car), shoot across to the Acura (car) dealership to pick up a part for the car and to book it in for a service, then back home.

I’ve driven nearly 100 miles and it’s not even 4pm yet, and the whole while I’ve been in the car the sun has been shining, and I’ve had the sunroof open basking in it while the radio is playing.  LOVE IT!

Best of all, the pet kennels are miles and miles away, in some of the most stunning scenery I’ve seen in Washington since I’ve been here.  Nice!

However, now I’m going to slow things down a bit, before the next wave of commitments begins.

It certainly makes for a nice change.