San Diego, California

23 07 2008

We’re here!  The flight was effortless, but then I’ve had a whole lot of practice flying in recent times.

The row directly across the aisle from us was empty, so as soon as the plane doors were closed, and there was no possible chance of anyone else boarding, I dove across the aisle and claimed all three seats for myself.

I stayed awake long enough to read some of my book, get a drink, then pulled up all the arms on the three chairs, and curled up for a sleep.

Bliss!  Even economy can be luxurious! 😉

The weather here is great, the view from the plane window was very reminiscent of home (Australia).  Everything is brown and dry, that is, except for the golf courses.  They’re all bright green.

Although unlike Australia, there was a thick brown band of smog above the city.

It’s still pretty though, and warmer than Washington.

So while I’m still reticent about being dragged to Comicon, at least the weather’s nice.

Hooroo!  I need a nap!