Final Day!

27 07 2008

YAY! 😉

… AND I survived it.  Comic-Con has closed for 2008 and there’s no possible chance I’ll be dragged back for another day.
*happy dance*

Ok, last night I left you just as I was heading out to a movie.  Plan 9 from Outer Space at the Balboa Theatre.  Unbeknownst to me, it was a movie that also included 3 gents, of comedic value, who narrated and heckled throughout the film in all the appropriate parts, to make an already hilarious B-grade movie, truly hysterical.

Such comments as “Costumes direct from Homo-tania”, and a complete lack of filming continuity kept us in fits and giggles all evening.  Movies have come a very long way.

An emergency call to a cemetary in the evening, cuts to a police car speeding down a dirt road in daylight, screeching to a stop, and cutting straight back to a darkened cemetary.

Or…  Woman lying in bed, photo of her and husband above the bed, cut to Monster, cut back to woman in bed, and photo above her head is now a random landscape…

I’d have snorted in my popcorn if I actually ate the stuff.  Mark would have too, but by then he’d eaten it all.


Post movie, we returned to the Hotel, ordered room service and fell asleep.

Cut to morning.  Hmm.. there’s lots of cutting in this entry!  Guess I’d better cut to the chase!  *boom boom*

Mark being Mark, the alarm was set for around 7am, also known as “Panic O’clock”.  Any time Mark want’s to be somewhere, all time before we actually arrive is referred to as “Panic O’clock”.  There’s always lots of drama.

Anyway, we woke, we breakfasted, hit the Comic-Con, missed out on the Smallville Panel as the queue was huge and had been capped before we arrived, so instead took some items we’d purchased to the local Fedex and shipped them back to the house to save carting them on the plane.

On the way to the Convention I thought to myself that it was strange that I’d not yet bumped into anyone that I know, as it seems regardless of where I am in the world there’s always someone I know nearby.  No need to worry though, within the hour while queuing at the Fedex I felt someone grab my arm, turned around to discover our friend Danny who we’d met through mutual friends a month prior.  Small world!  He was working at the convention.

After a quick catch up, we checked out some more of the Convention, wandered off and caught the end of the Women in Marvel Panel, then The DC Nation Panel, wandered around a little more, had lunch, sat in on the end of a Rogue Pictures Panel, and a Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra Panel (primarily to dodge the queue for the next item), actually enjoyed it more than we imagined we would, then closed the day with a Buffy the Musical “Once more with feeling” which closed the Comic-Con for 2008.

So not a bad day.

Now we’re back at the hotel, have packed the cases all ready for the morning, I’m sipping on an iced coffee, we’re about to go grab dinner, and will call it a night.



One response

31 07 2008

I have never made it to a comicon, though I have a few cabinets full of them. I consider that my support of the visual arts.

Anyone who laughs at that should try to draw, word, or ink a comic. That’s some darn fine art, in my book.

Anyhow, the one con I went to was a LOOOONG time ago – Highlander the series. I got to see Adrian Paul and Peter Wingfield up close. Yowza!


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