Last day in San Diego

28 07 2008

Well this is it, it’s our last day.

Unfortunately, despite the great weather, I’m not going to get the chance to go swimming.  Grr!  Despite their being some great beaches here. 

This trip has been completely devoted to trips into Nerd-dom.

Today we’re checking out of the Hotel, picking up a rental car, heading out to Lego Land (which I actually don’t mind, I do love my Lego), and flying back to Seattle this evening.

Home (for now, Australia is STILL home!), reunite with the pets who’ve been under the care of our friend Scott.  THANKS SCOTT!, unpack, and resume life as I know it.

… AND get back to the gym!  Other than a whole lot of walking, and truly there’s been a LOT, I’ve not worked out since I left, and I really do miss it.

Alrighty, I started this while Mark was asleep and it was peaceful, he’s since woken, so it really is time to get the day rolling.

Next entry will be a recap and from Washington.