Legoland California

29 07 2008

You’re going to have to be patient.

We arrived home very late last night, and I didn’t make it to bed until nearly 3am this morning so I’m pretty tired.

So I’m going to have to get back to you with the details.  But to remind myself I’ll make some notes.

Lego Land
– Parking
– Queues
– Screaming Kids
– Water Park and Rides

Californian Driving
– Freeway




As for today, it was a relatively quiet one, fortunately since I couldn’t sleep when I got home I did all the laundry, kept my sunburn moisturised, spent time with the pets.  Typed this sorry excuse for a blog entry.  I WILL FLESH IT OUT!  I promise!

… and now it’s time to watch some television then have an early night.



*** Saturday 2nd August 8.19pm

It’s been a while in the making, but here’s the flesh out.

On our last day in San Diego we hired a PT Cruiser for the day and drove to Lego Land, approximately 40 minutes away.  Mark had pre-purchased the tickets for us, which as a horrific $69.00 per adult, had us slightly stunned.

So you can guess how much more excited we were to discover that there’s also a $10 charge just to park the car, and if you want to park closer to the gates, the price goes up exponentially.  It’s a rort!

Anyway, being Lego, I expected a lot of it to be under cover, except for the rides.  It wasn’t.  The Lego was pretty awesome, the crowds of screaming children…  Not so awesome.

The rides were ok, but certainly not geared for adults.

Best ride of the day would have to be the Pirate Boats.  Each boat is on a track, and has 4 riders, 2 facing forwards, and 2 facing back.  Each rider gets a hand operated (you wind really fast) water gun, which allows you to hose down the other riders in other boats. 

BUT, and this is where it gets good, it also allows you to hose down members of the general public that are standing too close to the ride.  This was my favourite part!

Between us we managed to hose a baby in a pram, a woman on her cell phone, masses of passing people, and my personal favourite, one of the park characters dressed as a Pirate.  Rather than be upset with us, he let out a loud Pirate cry "Ahhharrrrr!  We’re under attack!", and ran for the water cannons on the outside of the ride.

That’s right, the public has cannons to shoot back and soak the riders.  Gotta love it!

Much fun!

Unfortunately, as everything was outside, and I’d stupidly not applied sunscreen, I got burnt, and of course by the time I realised, it was far too late.

I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon with a napkin full of ice rubbing my forehead, which now, almost a week later is still peeling.  Despite the slathering’s of after sun lotion.

It was fun, but I’m not rushing back, certainly not for the price we paid.

As for the freeways…  Californians truly are mad.  It’s like Melbourne only crazier.  Melbournian’s drive fast, and defensively, but they’re courteous.  Californians drive faster, more haphazardly, and courtesy is just a word that appears in the dictionary.  While I was 10 miles faster than the posted limit, they were 30 miles faster.  You really had to have your wits about you not to be swept off the road.

The flight home…  Well it certainly wasn’t full by anyone’s standards, but we did have 40 teenagers who were flying back to Seattle after a Soccer competition.  Initially I thought it was going to be a hell flight.
Fortunately after talking to them for a bit they kindly left us alone, and terrorised the rest of the plane.  Complete with wearing the complimentary blankets as capes, and the pillow cases as hats, and "flying" up and down the aisle like super heroes despite the seatbelt lights being lit and the plane bouncing around in turbulence.

The poor flight attendants…  Really though, it was pretty funny, certainly made the flight entertaining, and it was harmless enough.

So there you have it.  It took me a while, but I finally got to it.

Was it worth the wait?  Probably not, but I’ve upheld my end of the bargain! 😉