Post glimpse into the beyond

31 07 2008

Well not quite, but our evening with Lisa Williams was pretty damn awesome.

Not only did I get to see her up close; we were three rows from the stage, but she came down into the audience, and as I was on the aisle I had her standing next to me for a little while.

Certainly an interesting evening.

There was one “message” that I’m pretty sure was directed at me, but since they can be interpreted differently by others I could be wrong.  But all the information being given was spot on for my family.

Grandfather named George, a great auntie who had breast cancer, an amputated toe in recent times (not mine, my uncle’s), and many other things.  Another gentleman in the audience claimed he had the grandfather named George, but from that point onwards all other information he had was different.  He had an uncle not an aunt with cancer, and it was lungs not breasts, there was a finger, not a toe amputated.  However there was also information there for him.

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m slightly skeptical, but there was a lot of information there that was too eerily close, and there is absolutely no way that any of that information could have been obtained without knowing my immediate family.  We weren’t interviewed, there were no applications, at no time was I questioned, and to top it off, I didn’t even pay for the tickets, so there was no possible way that a credit card search could have come up with anything.  Oh, and I’m a visitor here from Australia, so I’m not even from this country.

So colour me impressed!

I’d definitely go see her again.  There was other information there, but I’m going to keep that for myself for now.

Overall though, I’m convinced.

Hooroo for now!