Well ok then…

4 08 2008

It’s Monday, I’ve been to the gym and worked out with my trainer, raced home, showered, changed, and headed to Physical Therapy for another workout, gone grocery shopping and here I am.

Exciting hey?

Really it was.  After all the working out I was pretty hungry, so grabbed a turkey sandwich which I ate in the car.   During which I got to witness someone get into their car, pull out what I’m assuming is some form of crack pipe, and do what ever it is one does to prepare such an implement for whatever their substance of choice was…

Now I still can’t claim to have seen everything, but surely I’m getting closer now.




3 responses

4 08 2008

Well, you can check that off of the “things to see before I die” list. It’s down near #2829483.


4 08 2008

does anyone actually read any of this? or is this just type of self-therapy? is it working?


4 08 2008

Birdwoman… Have you been reading my list too? 😉
Yep, totally crossed off.

Mike… Yup, they do, as for therapy, no, it’s not working, or I’d have stopped. 😛

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