Ahhh crap!

10 08 2008

Well it’s Sunday!

Last night was  a lot of fun as we had a surprise birthday party for my friend Alex.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!

Unfortunately though, today was also the day that my cat Mulder went missing, and for anyone who knows Mulder, going missing is not something that’s normal.  In all of his 13 years he’s not been missing more than a few hours ever.  Let alone what at the time I type this is more than 16 hours.

I have a horrible gut feeling that he’s dead, but I hope I’m wrong.  If I’m right, I can only take solace in the fact that he’s 13 and has lead a brilliant life.   On a more selfish note, I just spent over $100 on specialised kidney diet food a day or so ago.  Argh!  I hope he comes back!  I miss him, and so does Oliver, our other cat!

I really really really hope he’s ok!!!!

So long, farewell…

10 08 2008

Our friend Mark, is leaving Washington State to live in Washington D.C. soon, so we had a B.B.Q. today to spend some time with him, and ensure that we sent him off in the best fashion (alcoholic of course) as possible.

A great day it’s been so far….  It’s still going!

We unveiled our second B.B.Q. the other one that’s not been used since we were living in Australia, and I even dusted off a couple of recipes that I’ve not used in a couple of years as well.  To my absolute delight!  Both of them, I had requests on the recipe!  That makes me very happy!

I’d love to explain further, but of course I’m actually still enjoying it, and rather than blogging, I should be playing the role of the perfect host.  Which of course I am, but I’d best get back to it.

Hooroo for now!