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12 08 2008

Well it’s not looking good.  I was out walking the streets this afternoon simultaneously looking for signs of Mulder and posting “LOST” flyers when less than a block from home I saw a poster warning of a Coyote sighting in the area two weeks ago.  Two coyotes were witnessed taking someone’s cat from the porch of it’s home in the early hours of the morning.

Someone put up warnings, but neglected to put one in our street.  If you imagine an H and think of me living in the crossbar…  The coyote sighting/attack was in the first vertical bar, and the poster was in the second one.

It’s all starting make a little more sense.  Mulder wanted to go out, hesitated at the door, which he often does, I encouraged him out, and within minutes heard a strange noise out the front, my dogs started barking, and no Mulder ever since, just his collar.

It’s not looking good.

I got a phone call this evening in response to one of my flyers, it was a gentleman advising that he knew of the previous cat being taken, and had seen a coyote in the area since.

Argh!  I’ve only heard of Coyotes on television, I’d never have imagined for a minute that there’d be any chance of one being in the area.  It gets even more "exciting/concerning", while speaking to my neighbour and mentioning the Coyote warning, he mentioned that there’d been a Cougar sighted in the area in the not too distant past as well.

So there you have it, apparently I’m living in the "Wilds".

I hope against hope that I’m wrong, that Mulder’s out there somewhere, but it’s certainly not looking good.

… and people say that Australia has all the dangerous animals!  At least the majority of ours aren’t in suburbia!



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12 08 2008

We are so Sorry Craig, he was part of our family to, & will be missed but, we are glad we had some nice cuddles when we came over to visit,you last year, I have just planted a lovely Rose in my garden in his name , xxxx

12 08 2008

Wow. I had no idea Seattle had coyotes… I’m crossing my fingers for Mulder still!

Hmm… Guess I had a different impression of Australia being in Woomera. We had all kinds of critters in town!

12 08 2008

My heart goes out to you for your missing Mulder. I’ve shed tears and said prayers. Never thought you’d have the threat of wild animals in your area. Hope Mulder is just lost and/or recuperating in some kind person’s home…..

13 08 2008

The only Coyote I ever saw was in comics, and I’ve no idea what a Cougar looks like. But I will soon thanks to the internet.

I feel sorry for the both of you and Oliver, but praise you for your hope that he’s still out there somewhere.

13 08 2008

Yowser where is this place you live! Did someone let the animals out of the zoo?

13 08 2008

Makes sure you don’t let Mark out at night!

13 08 2008

The wilds are learning to live with us. I’m very sorry that your kitty was a probable victim.

though, I do find it ironic (?) that you’re looking for the truth that’s out there somewhere… concerning Mulder. Unless he’s not named for the XFiles character?

(*)> – who has heard coyotes howl – raised the feathers on my wings, I’ll tell you.

13 08 2008

Mum… Thanks! That’s great 🙂 xx

Matthew… and neither did I! Had I known, Mulder would never have been outside.

Sandie… Thanks, I appreciate it! 🙂

Peter… Me too! I still have to look them up on the Internet myself, I’ve only seen them on a poster so far.

Jamie… Apparently I’m in wildlife central, and I’d never leave him out, even if they did eat Mulder, they don’t deserve that!

Birdwoman… LOL! Even if it’s slightly inappropriate, believe me I see the irony. Especially since his sister Scully, vanished without a trace over a decade ago.
So yep, he was named after Fox Mulder, and his sister after Dana Scully. 😉

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