The search continues

12 08 2008

Still no news of Mulder!

Personally, and I know it’s pessimistic, think he’s gone for good.  When I let him out for a toilet break at almost 5am on Monday, and not long after he went out, I heard a weird noise of an animal running through the garden, and then the dogs went mad barking.  Now I know they didn’t attack Mulder, they all get along famously, and the one time they did attack him, he quite literally beat the crap out of them.  They learnt their lesson.

I also wakened later that morning to the sound of what appeared to be thousands of crows, enough that Mark closed the window because of the noise.  The same crows were jumping around on the neighbour’s front lawn.

Next development in the mystery.  Mark found his collar in our mail box.  None of our neighbour’s seen him, but the lady across the road said she found the collar in her driveway so put it in our mailbox.  Our next door neighbour said he found the collar on the lawn (where the crows were), thought it belonged to the lady across the road and left it in her driveway for her.  That’s one part of the mystery solved.

However, the crows sound ominous.  My intuition says I’m right.  :(   That, and Oliver has not been his usually happy self.  In the past when Mulder has been absent due to a Vet visit, he’s been as mad as ever.  This time, he’s very depressed and snuggles with every opportunity.

So far today, I’ve made over 30 phone calls to all the surrounding vets leaving my contact details and Mulder’s description to no avail.  I’ve even had a reply to my Craigslist ad.  The reply stated that they saw a cat that fit Mulder’s description dead on the road.  I was also advised that if I was to check this cat, to NOT bring children!

I checked, I can’t be sure it wasn’t Mulder, there’s not much left, so yes, it’s not a child suitable scene, the only thing going in Mulder’s favour is the location.  It’s simply too far away.  He’d have to have been transported physically to the area for it to be him.

The animal shelter I visited was absolutely heart breaking.  I’ve filled out the appropriate missing/lost forms, and put them on display, read through all the Found listings, and checked the recent additions, "D.O.A’s” (Dead On Arrivals) which when I asked, was informed they’re all scanned for microchips, so if he was one of them I’d find out, and checked all the stray and adoption cats.

Now naturally I’m sad for Mulder’s absence, but he’s 13 (nearly), and from a very loving home, it’s no secret to anyone who knows me, or has met Mulder or Oliver, that they’re spoilt and doted on.  But, and my friends and family can attest, and to give you an idea, as a child my parents banned me from watching Lassie because I’d cry inconsolably.  The strays and adoptions were totally heartbreaking to see.  Mulder had a loving home, these cats, either did at one stage, or are hoping to find one.  Given the chance, I’d have taken them ALL home, every last one of them.  As it was I had to stop and pat them all, and that just made it harder.  Typing this is hard.  I admit it, I’m a sook/soft touch when it comes to animals.

I’ve more calls to make, flyers to produce and post, and the search will continue.

Having his collar again is a memento, but I really just want to know where he is.  I promised myself that if he didn’t live to see Australia again, that I’d return his remains.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to.

In other happier news, and my apologies that it comes after such sad information…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PHIL and SCOTT!  Hope you both have a great day!



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12 08 2008

Oh man, that’s a lot to put yourself through, travelling to see a poor kitty on the road. It must have been hard to make that drive.

And how amazing is it that someone was able to reply to your Craig’s List listing, that’s just crazy.

Perhaps that Mulder’s collar was found is a good thing, it is obvious there were no remains around the collar so perhaps someone took him and removed the collar while doing so.

If the crows were involved they would have left some kind of other reminder if they had done enough to remove the collar.

I guess I’m saying that it seems dire that this amount of time has passed, but there is no direct evidence to say that he’s “no longer with us”. So keep the hope alive.

12 08 2008
sue bryant

I spent 28 days looking for a black cat that belonged to my dear friend (who was out of town). I made flyers and posters (clear contact paper over the flyers) which I affixed to telephone poles and the like.

I found the cat !! He was in real rough shape but alive and w vet care he came back to enjoy several more years of comfy cat life.

Here’s how he was found: I put the posters in businesses nearby where he was lost. A woman saw the poster in a restaurant and called me. Montana was in her garage!

Don’t be so sure he is dead. I had a LOT of wrong leads, people calling me with other black cats they found. I also had the sad experience of looking through the local humane society kennels.

If you send me your e mail i will send you a photo of Montana I sent out for Christmas.

Best wishes and good luck !

13 08 2008

I’m still looking, I’m not giving up just yet!

Thanks 🙂

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