Mulder… the update

13 08 2008

There really is no update unfortunately.  As was pointed out, and the thought had already crossed my mind…

Mulder, who was named after Fox Mulder from the X-files, has gone missing, becoming an X-file himself.  Ironic!
The irony continues…  Mulder used to have a little sister, a very long time ago, called Scully.  She vanished too…

Almost a self-fulfilling prophecy!

I’ve had a few calls from people today in reply to the flyers I posted yesterday, one of them got me all excited when the gentleman (who lives quite close) told me he saw a cat fitting Mulder’s description in his garden last night, and then, his wife corrected him and said the cat in their garden also had a white patch.  That’s not Mulder!  *sigh*

The other calls were all to tell me about the coyotes in the area.  The across the road neighbour’s mentioned them too.  WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME EARLIER!!??

The most upsetting call, was from the lady who lives about 8 houses away, who actually witnessed her cat being taken by coyotes, two weeks ago today, at around 5.30am in the morning.  She told me she put posters up everywhere, and was very surprised that I’d not seen one, she believes someone took them down.

So while there’s still no hard evidence, it’s looking like Mulder fell prey to the local wildlife.  In his entire life of almost 13 years, he’s never once missed a meal.  Today marks the 4th night he’s not been home.

I hate to say it, I think he’s gone for good.  I’m not giving up hope just yet though, I’ll be out again tomorrow posting more flyers, and checking the shelters again.

In the interim, poor Oliver has gone off his food, and will not leave my side.  The poor thing is totally depressed…

If there’s any news, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Red faced… the follow up

13 08 2008

As promised, here’s the follow up story to Saturday’s posting:  Red Faced and Red Handed.

I just hope that now that the time has passed and expectations have been built that it holds up to scrutiny, but here we go…

The weekend was a pretty busy one.  We had a BBQ on Sunday for a friend of ours who’s moving from Seattle to Washington D.C. soon, and a Surprise Party for a friend on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon saw us out late in the afternoon pre-party looking for last minute birthday gifts and grabbing a few grocery items for Sunday.  Keep in mind, that we’d asked two of our friends if they’d mind bringing a fruit platter to the BBQ.

Ok, that’s the build up.

As we were looking for a specific grocery item, we were in a grocery store we don’t usually patronise, and who did I see in the store, but the same friends, apparently shopping for their platter items.

I figured it’d be rude to not go and say hello, so wandered over to say hi.  Only, on the way over, I overheard one of them say something to the effect of“let’s get this platter, the pineapples a little wilted, but we can cut the brown parts off, and dump it on a plate”.

I couldn’t help but laugh and follow up with "But that would be cheating!".

Let’s just say, I don’t really think I’ve ever seen anyone so mortified, horrified, and all the other "’ified’s" in my life.  To say he was embarrassed would be an understatement.  I couldn’t help but laugh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a face that fiery red before.  *laugh*

Needless to say he apologised…  Hehe!  …as for the platter he brought on the next day, it was a meat and cheese one.  I don’t think he’ll ever do a fruit platter again for as long as he lives!  😉

As for the Surprise Party, it was fun, a bit of a debacle, we were early, always a good thing, especially if you’re one of the guests who’s supposed to be surprising the birthday person.  The only issue, the restaurant still hadn’t organised a table for our party, and the guest of honour was already in the building.

Let’s just say I shared some assertive words, and we got our table.  Polite, but firm…  ;)   I promise!

Hooroo, I’m outta here.