Red faced… the follow up

13 08 2008

As promised, here’s the follow up story to Saturday’s posting:  Red Faced and Red Handed.

I just hope that now that the time has passed and expectations have been built that it holds up to scrutiny, but here we go…

The weekend was a pretty busy one.  We had a BBQ on Sunday for a friend of ours who’s moving from Seattle to Washington D.C. soon, and a Surprise Party for a friend on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon saw us out late in the afternoon pre-party looking for last minute birthday gifts and grabbing a few grocery items for Sunday.  Keep in mind, that we’d asked two of our friends if they’d mind bringing a fruit platter to the BBQ.

Ok, that’s the build up.

As we were looking for a specific grocery item, we were in a grocery store we don’t usually patronise, and who did I see in the store, but the same friends, apparently shopping for their platter items.

I figured it’d be rude to not go and say hello, so wandered over to say hi.  Only, on the way over, I overheard one of them say something to the effect of“let’s get this platter, the pineapples a little wilted, but we can cut the brown parts off, and dump it on a plate”.

I couldn’t help but laugh and follow up with "But that would be cheating!".

Let’s just say, I don’t really think I’ve ever seen anyone so mortified, horrified, and all the other "’ified’s" in my life.  To say he was embarrassed would be an understatement.  I couldn’t help but laugh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a face that fiery red before.  *laugh*

Needless to say he apologised…  Hehe!  …as for the platter he brought on the next day, it was a meat and cheese one.  I don’t think he’ll ever do a fruit platter again for as long as he lives!  😉

As for the Surprise Party, it was fun, a bit of a debacle, we were early, always a good thing, especially if you’re one of the guests who’s supposed to be surprising the birthday person.  The only issue, the restaurant still hadn’t organised a table for our party, and the guest of honour was already in the building.

Let’s just say I shared some assertive words, and we got our table.  Polite, but firm…  ;)   I promise!

Hooroo, I’m outta here.



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