Still nothing on the Mulder front…

14 08 2008

I’ve called every Vet or Animal Hospital, refuge or shelter in a 10 mile (you can do the conversion…) radius, and nothing.  I’ll drive around to them all tomorrow and put up a poster with a photo of him, and go past the shelters again to look for him.  I’ve even phoned the micro-chip company and had them put an alert on his tag, so if it is scanned, I’ll get a phone call immediately.  It’s just a shame those tags aren’t satellite trackable!!  It’d make location so much easier.

At least now I know I’ve done everything possible, so aside from keep checking the shelters regularly, there’s nothing more I can do but wait.

On a different front.  I booked my flights last night back to Australia in October for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  She doesn’t know I’m coming yet, so it’ll be an early birthday present for her!  Mark can’t make it though, he’s completely used up all his vacation for possibly the next 50 years.  Well not quite, but he is in deficit, so unfortunately for him, this time he’ll be back in the USA looking after the pets, while I play family representative to our friends and families.

It’s going to be interesting…  He’s never lived alone in his life, so this will be the first time, and in almost a decade we’ve never been apart for more than 10 years…

So there’s my news.  I’m outta here.