Stupid much?

15 08 2008

My dirty secret (well one of them) is that I’ve developed a taste for reality television.  Not the various Big Brothers, or <Insert Country Here> Idols, but the shows like Shear Genius where hair dressers are pitted against each other, and Project Runway, which is pretty much the same format but with designers.

Until recently I was only aware of these two shows in their American format, until Mark discovered there’s a Project Runway in Melbourne at the moment.  Yay!  A show that I’m addicted to, and filmed in my home town!

Anyway…  I’ve been watching it, and marveling at just how “camp” some of the contestants are.  Now, I’ve managed Drag Shows so am used to “camp” but some of these guys are “faux-gina’s”.  I digress, it’s been fun, I’ve got to see lots of gratuitous shots of Melbourne, and all places that I know, have been to, or could find relatively easily.

Here’s the dumb part.

I’m Australian, therefore I have an Australian accent.  It stands to reason really.  But, I’ve been in America for two years now, and the American accent now sounds more normal to me than that of my fellow countrymen.  Yes, I know, it’s weird.  Weird, but true!

Any Australian’s that I already know, friends and family sound normal, because I’ve heard their voices before.  Anyone else, well, they sound Australian.  Believe me, I’m as weirded out by it, as you probably are reading it.

Here’s the stupid part…  I’m watching Project Runway Australia, they all have accents, which to me sound Australian.

I have an Australian accent…

… and, dumb ass that I am, caught myself the other night mimicking the people on the show.  All I can say in my own defense, is I do a much more authentic Australian accent than all of my American friends here!  *laugh*

Needless to say, I felt like a complete twit.  Oh well, in an otherwise awful week, a laugh was well warranted.

On that front, still no sign of my Mulder kitty.  I’ve put up more posters and checked the shelters again today.  I did see an absolutely gorgeous 9 year old black kitty, the spitting image of Mulder who was up for adoption.  The thought did cross my mind that I should adopt him, bring him home and try and do the “switcheroo” for Oliver, since he’s been so unhappy since Mulder left.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it though.  As was the case with all the other kitties there, they’re all gorgeous and in need of a home.  I gave them all a cuddle and a scratch then hightailed it out.

Gotta go, I gave Oliver some real catnip tonight to distract him from his depression, and now I think he’s stoned! 😉