A week without pussy…

16 08 2008

Today’s the 7th day that Mulder has been missing, and it still sucks.  The last three nights I’ve barely slept.  The first night I had the most vivid dream that Mulder came home with his hindquarters shaved and sutured, and had puncture wounds on his torso.  It was so vivid I woke with a start and sprinted to the front door looking for him.

The next night I kept hearing noises outside, and I was awake at the time, a cat cry, a scratch at the door, something in the garden, the dogs barking, and again, each time I sprinted to the front door and the backyard with the torch to check.

Last night I dreamt he came home in pretty much one piece except missing the majority of his tail.  Sigh.

We put a few more posters up today in the local pet stores, and in a couple of Veterinary surgeries, and I’ll cover the rest in the next couple of days, once that’s done, I’ll check the shelter every 3 days for the next month, and then will call it a day.

The best news so far is that the squashed cat I had to go look at the other day wasn’t Mulder.  I suspected it wasn’t, but am glad that when it was collected and scanned for a micro-chip I didn’t get a call.

Moving on, which we’re all starting to, but we have lots of happy memories and photos…

We checked out a new pet store last night, and bought all the pets some treats, and then to further distract them, I bathed them all today.

It was about 32 degrees Celsius (90.F) today, so it was nice outside in the sun, and the dogs are all nice and clean, which is a nice change because they stank, and Oliver’s no longer upset that Mulder’s gone, because he’s too busy being pissed at me for showering him.  *laugh*

… and now, it’s time to wind down for the day.