Have your cake and eat it too…

19 08 2008

Cake of course being a metaphor.

Our friend Mark had his send off this evening as he’s moving from Washington State to Washington DC.  For a chuckle we bought him a cake on the way there.

A very unique cake, one that was the centre of attention, a cake from The Erotic Bakery.  View the site at your own risk.

We thought it funny…   So did Mark (our friend)…   His mother…  Well, she asked me about my motivation, I just smiled and told her it could have been worse, they had alternatives, and at least it was memorable.  Fortunately she laughed too. slide3

You could say it was tasteless.  I can neither confirm or deny….  We left before it was served!  😉

Oh well, enough of making a dick of myself.  Tee hee!