Crossing to the darkside…

21 08 2008

I nearly forgot to blog today…  21 minutes to midnight and I remembered.

I’ve become completely addicted to Civilisation Revolution on the Xbox360 recently, and have spent the evening vying for world domination….  Which I achieved a few short moments ago.

Ahhh sweet bliss…  and horror that I’ve succumbed to the siren song of the video game consoles.





3 responses

22 08 2008

May the Force be with you! 😉

23 08 2008

You really like that game? As a fan of previous versions of Civ I’ve not come to enjoy Civ Revolution at all.

Too little control over everything. I was very sad to hear that there would not be a proper pc/mac version of Civ Revolution. We have it on the PS3 but hardly ever play it.

25 08 2008

Peter… and also with you! 😉

Jamie… Yep, but then I’ve never played the original, and outside of The Sims, have never really played any PC based games… So I guess I’m ignorant of the brilliance of the other version.
Although… this one gives me gamer score, and I’m all about that right now! 😉

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