Movie madness

23 08 2008

Perhaps “Square Eyes” may be more appropriate.

This weekend, well at least so far has been spent in front of the television catching up on all the recorded shows from the last couple of months.  In my defense I’ve been sorting the laundry and doing the ironing.  Mark has been lying on the couch.

Later on…  We’ll actually be leaving the house, and going to the cinema…   Lazy, leisurely goodness!

Hope you’re all having great weekends out there!



3 responses

24 08 2008

That was my Sunday… ironing and “Dead Like Me”

24 08 2008

Did you see Journey to the Center of the Earth? I just saw it and it was lots of fun! The 3-D was really good too.

25 08 2008

Jamie… I LOVE that show! 🙂 Shame it was cancelled!

Matt… Nope, saw House Bunny, pretty damn funny too!

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