The Houdinis’ Great Escape

25 08 2008

In 7 years, 2 continents, 4 flights, 6 airports, and 5 addresses, we’ve never lost them…

Today, a day that’s already miserable…  I dropped Mulder’s remains off for cremation, a task that was a lot harder than I ever imagined…  Crappy weather…   AND I was at Physical Therapy (PT) being “tortured”…  my phone rang.

Do you own two little dogs?  A brown one, and a black one?

Apparently this morning when the gardener came, he either didn’t close the gate properly, or left it open, and Dolce and Vita, who until now have never left the yard unaccompanied, absconded.

Too make it worse, after leaving my PT session half way through, I found them both, in the care of two women, being hand fed roast chicken.

Let’s just say “Father was not amused” when on being called, he was completely ignored.  This is one of those instances where it’s entirely appropriate to point out that they’re both now “in the dog house”, literally, and figuratively.

Oliver may very well become an only child!

Argh…  Guess I’d better finish my workout at home.