Squngee good fun!

26 08 2008

For quite some time now we’ve had a bird feeder in the back garden.  It was here when we moved in, so we filled it with wild bird seed to see what sort of birds we’d attract.

So far ther’e’s been Robins, Sparrows and a few Blue Birds…  Probably all standard stuff for most people, but aside from the Sparrows, I’ve never seen the others in real life, let alone the humming birds I just noticed a moment ago.

Pretty cool!

Anyway…  The added bonus of the bird feeder is that all the birds it attracts entertain Oliver endlessly, and since there’s the occasional Squirrel too, he’s in kitty heaven.

Yesterday afternoon I decided I need to increase the entertainment levels, especially Oliver has maintained a vigil at the front door for the 2 and a bit weeks that Mulder has been gone, waiting for him to come home.  Very sad to see, his little heart is broken. 😦

So last night we hit up the Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Store and purchased an additional bird feeder for the larger birds, as the existing one is for small birds (it snaps shut when a heavy bird lands on the perch), and a Squngee for the Squirrels.

Apparently Squirrels like dried corn, they like peanuts and birdseed too apparently, as I’ve been throwing peanuts outside for months, and they keep picking through the cast off birdseed from the feeder.

A Squngee (Sanda, you’re gunna love this!), is essentially a corn holder for Squirrels, only it’s a hanging feeder with a built in spring, so that the Squirrels actually bungee while using it.  Sounds like good fun to me, although I’ve not seen them use it yet.  I do have the camera ready on the off chance it happens soon though.

I couldn’t find a decent photo online to share, but I did find a YouTube video, so check it out for yourself.


So there you have it.  All the birds and Squirrels are (or will be) happy, and Oliver has endless entertainment.




3 responses

26 08 2008

ROFL that is hilarious when the little squirrel jumps up on it. Love it much.

I wonder if they have those here for Possums. Not that we have any near us but it would be funny to see.

28 08 2008

That’s awesome! I kind of want one now. I have a yard! lol

28 08 2008

I haven’t seen any squirrels on it yet, but the birds are enjoying hanging upside down on it.

The Squirrel is having too much fun under the bird feeder while the birds shower it with cast off seed.

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