Social life… How I’ve missed you!

27 08 2008

Today has been an awesome day… Lunch with a friend, followed by dinner and drinks with another…

The latter being my new “Grace”, my first real female friend since I moved here, how I’ve missed that sort of relationship.  *laugh*

All in all it’s been a great day.   First thing this morning was the gym, which was harder than usual, primarily because I couldn’t sleep last night, so at 1am this morning I put myself through a home based workout…

Not the brightest thing to do when you’re going to be put through another session by a Personal Trainer within 6 hours…  Nevertheless…

Post gym, I got home, cleaned house, did washing, cooked dinner for the evening, then hit the road for an afternoon and evening of social activities.   Something I’ve missed sorely.

Needless to say I’m exhausted now! 😉

So hope you’re all well, hooroo!



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