Check out me gnashers!

28 08 2008

It was Dentist day again today.  Every three months, it’s a dental visit and a cleaning session, and strangely enough, it’s finally a dental appointment that I look forward to.  It’s such a nice change to have a great dentist.

Best part…  No issues, just clean and sparkly teeth.  That makes me very happy, although I did get reminded that I have to go and see an Orthodontist…  I really do, I’ve been putting it off for 12 months.

I know where the referral is, I’m just not a fan of anything that may require hospitalisation, which is probably why at the age of 35 I still have my wisdom teeth. 😉

Other than that, it was catch up with a friend for a coffee and a three hour conversation, and home for the evening, only to discover that tomorrow is Friday.  Wow!  Where’d the week go?

Well best wind this up, before I bore you to death. 😉




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