31 08 2008

It’s a long weekend over here right now, so there’s plenty of free time for us, so we’ve decided to make it a DVD weekend.

Given Mark’s collection of movies, you’d think we’d have enough to keep us entertained at home, but today we decided to go and visit Blockbuster.

Since we’re members of their loyalty program we usually get one free movie rental a month, plus after hiring a certain amount, we get another free movie.  We really don’t go too often so we’ve never really seen what the program can do for us.

Today was a bit of fun, we hired a pile of movies, and while checking them out were told that we’d earned one free rental, plus a coupon for next month for another one, and one more coupon expiring today for another free weekly rental.  This last coupon can’t be used in the same transaction though.  So while I waited out the front of the store, Mark went back in to pick the film.  Only to be told as he checked it out, that he had another voucher for another movie.  So back into the store he went, only to be told with the next film, that there was another voucher.

By this stage the lady at the counter told us there was obviously a glitch on our account causing multiple vouchers to be printed.  This time around, she tore it up.  Not that we minded, we already had 7 movies and 2 video games in our pile.  *laugh*

Good glitch to have though! 😉

But…  Have to run, we’re on to our second movie, and sitting here typing isn’t going to help me finish watching them.