Softly goes it

30 09 2008

Who’d have thought?  I’m quietly spoken and practice bad vocal hygiene.  *laugh*

Vocal hygiene, the first time I heard that phrase I visualised brushing and flossing my vocal cords…  Not a pleasant image, and completely incorrect.

As I learnt today, vocal hygiene is essentially practices that promote good health to your vocal cords.  Such as not yelling, not drinking caffeinated products, no smoking etc.  There’s lots more to it, but that’s a basic idea.

My Ears, Nose and Throat experience of last week (scope up the nose and down the throat), identified that I don’t efficiently use my vocal cords in day to day speech, quite probably due to straining my voice in the past when I’ve lost it (up to 6 weeks…  the people around me most likely rejoiced), so now have to re-learn to avoid my current practices.

Interesting…  I knew I was rather quietly spoken, but had no idea why.  After not speaking for nearly 6 weeks, when I finally got some semblance of a voice back it sounded (to me) like I was shouting. 

The Speech Therapist is great, my only point of concern, and I made it very clear in the beginning, is that I do NOT want to lose my Australian accent during the process.  Fortunately, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Yay!

All of this from a Dental visit…  Funny how things spiral…

I have a sneaking suspicion they saw me coming, and figured I’d believe everything they said.  Well…  I do have a pretty open schedule.  Well I did…

Tomorrow is an MRI.  35 years of avoiding the Medical Profession, and now it’s all catching up.

I’d think I was a hypochondriac, only it’s the professionals that are telling me there’s something wrong, I’m just curious as to what, and how they’re going to identify it and treat it.  Luckily, for me, none of it is life or death so far.

Like I’ve said before…  Never a dull moment!

At least I finally have something to entertain me during the day.  *laugh*  Oh dear… 😉


That’s why they call it the waiting room…

29 09 2008

This morning started with a 7.15am Doctors appointment.  I’m ever so glad that I got their early and completed my paperwork before I got there.  Otherwise I may have had to wait longer than the actual 45 minutes I actually did wait.

It never ceases to amaze me, especially over here where you’re required to cancel or maker schedule changes 24 hours in advance, or else you’re charged for the original appointment, and yet you’re often left to sit and wait for extended periods of time.

Normally I wouldn’t worry, but I also had my normal Personal Training session booked for 8.30am. 

I finally caved in while I was waiting in the treatment room and phoned the gym to let them know I might be late, as I started dialing I heard the sound of papers being shuffled outside the door.  My guess…  It was the Doctor, who hearing me on the phone waited outside the room.  She probably also heard me state that I’d already waited over 30 minutes.  Oh well…  She didn’t apologise for the wait when she finally did come in (a fraction of a second after I finished my call), so I didn’t apologise either.

Otherwise, the appointment went uneventfully, and I was only 5 minutes late for the gym.

The rest of the day was great though.  Fantastic weather with lots of sun.


Only 14 more sleeps to go!

A new passion

28 09 2008

Well I’m back, and in one piece.  A little sore and tired, but I had the most amazing time.

Yesterday I went white water rafting for the first time.  To say I was a little nervous initially would be accurate.  In fact I sent a text message to a friend asking that if he hadn’t heard from me by 6pm today, to break into the house and rescue the cat.  As it turns out, that’s not going to be required.

I’m not entirely sure of where it was that I went rafting, other than it being nearly 4 hours drive away.

What I do know though, is that I absolutely, positively loved the experience, and can’t wait to do it again.

I had no idea I’d be such a thrillseeker.  The bottom of the raft has webbed bands that allow you to slide a foot into.  The idea being that it helps you stabilise and therefore not so readily fall out of the raft.  As it turns out, I was using it to hold myself in the raft as I leaned out horizontal over the water trying to get as wet as possible.  The rocks, the rapids, the drops, the eddies and swells…  All of it, absolutely brilliant.  The river is apparently a Class 3 and only runs for one month every year.  I’m definitely interested in doing it, or similar again, and even trying a higher classed river.

Mark took along the camera in its waterproof cover, so you can have a look for yourself as there’s photos.

Right now though, I’m home, exhausted in a good way, and going to curl up and have an early night.

Leave a message after the beep

27 09 2008

Hi, I’m not here right now, but left you this message to keep you company in my absence.  If you have anything interesting to share, please leave your message after the beep.

I’m off on a weekend away as you’re reading this.  A weekend including white water rafting, scotch tasting, and a whole lot of socialising.

So I’ll get back to you with the details of the experience when I get back.

Hooroo! 🙂

Here, there and everywhere

26 09 2008

It’s been a super busy day today, and now that it’s quieted down for the afternoon I’m grabbing a bit of downtime.

As always, Friday morning starts with the gym, but straight from that it was on the road and looking at properties.

Houses to be precise.  We looked at six properties in total, three being contenders, one being absolutely hideous.  It’s only selling feature was that from top to bottom it was wood construction.  All the better to burn to the ground and start over.  Of the other two, they were older, one the layout wasn’t great and the property itself was too large and not appropriate, the final one had great bones to it, but for the price required far too much work.

Of all of them, the first one was the best one.  Very bright, nothing to be done to it, comfortable.  But there’s plenty more out there to be looked at.  So we’ll see what happens.

Now it’s wind down, relax, and prepare for tomorrow, where we’ll be heading out for a day of white water rafting and scotch tasting.  Very obviously not at the same time, that would be disastrous! 😉


That’s just weird!

25 09 2008

Well today was certainly an interesting day.  It was spent going back and forward between appointments.  One of which tested my bravery.

But hell, I’m open to new experiences.

Today’s experience saw me having a good 30 cm or more of optic cable inserted in my nose and fed down my throat.  Certainly not your average daily experience.

I’m that naive to all things medical that it didn’t initially occur to me that the Doctor had told me he was going to take a look at my throat but then sprayed a numbing agent in my nose.

The “light went on” only after he left the room.  I had that “oh!” moment.  Happily though it was an uncomfortable procedure.  I only have one complaint though.

I didn’t get to see what the Doctor was seeing!  That would have been very cool!

He didn’t see anything bad, so I guess that’s a good thing.

Other than that, I got to meet a new friend for coffee, which then turned into dinner.  So all in all a great day.

18 sleeps! 😉

Let the rain begin

24 09 2008

The change of season was officially the other day but the weather held off.  That was until today.  Just a little over a week ago I was out baking in the sun, and now I’m shivering with the heater on.  It’s just like someone pulled a switch.

If I find them, I’ll slap them, and then flip the switch right back.  Although it is nice to be able to snuggle down into the doona at night when I sleep, rather than wishing it was cooler and kicking the covers off.

So I guess it’s not all bad after all.

Now, it’s time for lunch.  I’ve worked out, had physical therapy, and now I’m kinda hungry.

19 more sleeps to go!

What a day!

23 09 2008

Orthodontist this morning…  Surgery, “tongue therapy”, braces and a retainer…  At least there won’t be "head gear".  Phew…  oh yes, and a recommendation to go get my nose fixed as well.

So much for my 35 year streak of not going to hospital.

That done, being day 2 of sunshine and no rain, before the rains until May begin (excluding days where it snows), I mowed all the lawns to get them all pretty while I still could.

Then…  Picked Mark up from work, and headed out to see Phantom of the Opera at the Paramount Cinema.

It was great, but not everything I’d expected.  I first bought the soundtrack, admittedly for my Mum, back in the early 90’s on a dual cassette.  Told you it was a while ago…

I loved the music, and wanted to see the show.  Now I have.  Perhaps it was just the venue, perhaps it was the cast.  Don’t get me wrong, it was mighty enjoyable, but it seemed a little lack lustre.  Even the applause at the end seemed a little flat.

It was still entertaining though.

Now I’m home, tired, and about to crash in bed to wake up early and hit the gym.

What a life! 😉


Let it be Autumn

22 09 2008

It’s just one of those days where I’m lacking inspiration.

Overall it’s been a relatively good day.  Sunnier than has been the normal, a nice change for the first day of Autumn, and other than the usual Monday morning gym session, it’s been a relaxing day.

The best part about today is that all the good television programs start again tonight; Heroes being the most important one.  So I’ll be settling down on the couch with a big bottle of water and a bowl of sugar snap peas living the high life. ;)  Ha!


Sweet, sweet bliss

21 09 2008

While the last couple of days have been god awful, today was an improvement.

Despite waking at 6am on a Sunday.

Today commenced with a lovely, enjoyable, totally relaxing 90 minute massage, then lunch with a friend, followed by watching my first American Football game with other friends, and then home.

I have absolutely no comprehension of how Football over here works, other than it’s nothing remotely like Australian Rules, but it was interesting to watch all the same.

And, that was my Sunday.  Another weekend over, and I’m that little bit closer to heading back to Australia…

Gotta love it!