Mulder’s return

3 09 2008

… of sorts.

I collected Mulder’s ashes today, and they’re now upstairs next to the characterised sculpture of him and the other animals upstairs, and will remain there until I can return them permanently to Australia.

It was a very weird, heart tugging experience collecting them, but fortunately the kind staff at the Veterinary Clinic acknowledged that and handled the situation brilliantly.  I didn’t expect the rush of emotion that I had when they handed them over.

As far as the Vet staff, they’ve been brilliant.  They sent a Sympathy card, signed by all the staff, and even notified one of their ex-staff who knew Mulder, and she sent a card too.  That’s over and above any expectations I may have had.  It seems that not only do they care about their furry clients, but also about their non-furry ones too.  That, and Mulder was a bit of a favourite among them.  As he should be too!

To thank them, I printed off a photo I took of Mulder and Oliver two days before his demise, and gave it to them in the form of a postcard with my thanks on it.  They really are brilliant.

If you’re in the Redmond, Washington area, or Bellevue, or anywhere around, and need a vet, I whole heartedly recommend Aerowood Animal Hospital, and their staff.   I’ve been to vets on two continents now, and so far this one is by far the best I’ve ever had to deal with.

In other news…  Oliver who has always had a penchant for chewing my plants, unfortunately my orchids, was presented with his latest gift from us.  A cats grass plant.  Simply put, it’s a wooden box, with a plastic insert, set into four pots, that comes complete with soil, and Rye, Oats, Wheat and Barley seeds.  I planted them a little over a week ago, and hey presto, as of today they were a good 15cm tall with lovely blades of grass.

So I presented Master Oliver with these choice tidbits, for him to perk up in excitement, commence purring loudly, and systematically begin sniffing and eating all the lovely green blades on offer.  Success, a plant he likes, is allowed to chew, and more importantly, easily replenished.

One problem, now he’s obsessed, and has become a furry lawn mower leaving a swathe of grass blades in his wake.  You simply can not begin to imagine the mess of grass I found when I got home from the gym.  It is kind of funny though, and he really does love it.  Enough that as I cleaned it all up he started grabbing each leaf back.


That’ll have to do you.  I’m out of here to go have some dinner and relax for the evening.