Ghostly visitations?

6 09 2008

I mentioned yesterday that I received a phone call from someone saying they think they’d seen Mulder.  Believe it or not, I received another phone call today, from a lady who lives a lot closer.

Of course, I jumped in the car and drove around to her house, only to find that the black cat in question was nowhere to be found.

I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m certainly intrigued.  It’s four weeks tomorrow that Mulder vanished and suddenly I’ve had two phone calls in two days.

It’s a weird situation to be in, on some level I’m resigned to him being deceased, I’ve even cremated a black paw that was found not too far from our house in the belief it’s his, and now within a week of getting the ashes back, the sightings have begun.

He’s not the only black cat in the world, but…

We’ll see.  Stay tuned for updates on the latest mystery.



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