Another sighting

7 09 2008

Not long after I published last nights blog entry I got a phone call from the woman who called me the other day (the first one) to say that the black cat she’d seen was hanging around her house again.

So, Mark and I jumped in the car and drove there as fast as we could safely and legally. 😉

When we got there there was no cat to be seen, but rather than leave, we hung around for a little while.  Fortunately we did, because shortly after a nervous black cat appeared again.

I’d love to be able to say that I instantly knew it wasn’t Mulder, but I can’t.  I consider myself a diligent and observant owner, but it’s nigh on impossible to identify a black cat in the dark.

As it turned out, after several laps of the block of apartments trying to get close to it, I finally managed to see it under a street lamp, only to prove what I’d first suspected.  It wasn’t Mulder.

But, at least, despite never really believing it was going to be him, at least I proved it wasn’t, and won’t be left wondering that perhaps it was.

We haven’t heard back from the other lady yet.  She’s the one I’m more interested in hearing from, primarily because she lives so much closer to us.  So we’ll wait and see.

In other news…  We mosied off today to do some shopping, and stumbled across a fantastic little cat rescue and adoption centre; M.E.O.W. = Mercer Island Eastside Orphans and Waifs, so we entered with the possible motive of finding Oliver a new brother or sister.

We weren’t in the door 30 seconds before we were told we had to sanitise our hands for the safety of the cats, and that we weren’t allowed to pat them.  No fair!  That’s my favourite part!

The first cat I saw was a pure black kitten, and I have to state right now, I’m not looking for a Mulder replacement, that will never happen.  I’ve even stated I’ll never own another black cat, although after today I may live to eat my words.

This little kitten, a little girl, was lying in a suspended hammock snoozing away, that is until I called out to her, at which stage she sprang to her feet came straight to me and loudly purring, reached her paws through the cage to try and touch me.   It could be destiny. ;)  We’ll see though.  Admittedly I’d love to rescue them all, but right now I think it’s a little too early to get another cat.

Just in case we do adopt, I have a new name.  It occurred to me this afternoon, more as a joke, but it may actually work.  Oliver got his name because he howls at dinner time.  A howl we translate to “Please Sir, I want more!”
I’ve decided that should we adopt, say, a cute little black girl, an orphan I saw today… ;)  Her name shall be Annie.
If it’s a boy, no idea…  But I’m sure something will occur to me.

So that’s it.  An interesting evening and eventful day, then back home to curl up with Oliver, the dogs on their mat, and enjoy a dvd; Definitaly, Maybe.  A film that I’d highly recommend to anyone, including my parents.




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7 09 2008

At the moment all I can do is watch DVDs while Dad is doing all the house work Ha !! Got to love that!

8 09 2008

Well I’m sure you know you don’t need to recommend a Ryan Reynolds movie to me 😛 It was a very nice movie.

David has probably already told you we have a black cat you can have.

The little bugger’s hair keeps getting matted and I have a few new war-wounds today after removing some last night.

9 09 2008

She sounds adorable! I love the name, too. 🙂

28 11 2008
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