8 09 2008

I forayed back into the kitchen tonight, with a plan for a quick and easy, healthy dinner, and my plans came together very quickly and might I say, deliciously.

I bought a barbecued chicken yesterday with the intention of using it today, salad vegetables, and a punnet of organic cherry tomatoes.
Now I have to point out, that I’m not a fan of raw tomatoes.  Well not commercially grown ones.  If they’re home grown or vine/organic I usually don’t mind them.  Especially with freshly ground black pepper and some olive oil.

Tonight it occurred to me, possibly because I’ve seen dozens of cooking shows in recent times, that I should cut all the tomatoes in halves roast them in the oven, and then toss them in some olive oil and a balsamic vinegar reduction.

Hehehe!  I did, and it was brilliant!

I think I’m going to have to get a little more creative in the kitchen a little more often.

Hooroo for now, I’m off to watch some telly.