Total Socialness

10 09 2008

Ok, so it’s not a word, but for today it is.  So ner!

What started out as a normal day; gym in the morning followed by the usual chores and house keeping, ended with being surrounded by hot women, good wine and conversation.

But, just when I thought it was over and I was about to go home, I heard my name called across the carpark of the venue I was at, so being the socialite I am, I had to go back in (same table too – lol) and spend some more time socialising.

I can only tell you this.  IT WAS AWESOME FUN!  I’d almost forgotten what socialising was like.  I feel re-energised.

A night of friends, random conversations and a good bottle of wine.

I feel at one with everything.  I also feel like it’s time for bed.