Pregnant pause

11 09 2008

I was just sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering what to type and nothing was occurring to me, until I came up with the title.

… and then it occurred to me that I did have something to type.

As some of you know I’m heading back to Australia soon to spend time with my family and friends, but primarily, because it’s my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday.  A landmark birthday I wouldn’t miss for the world!

But, while I’m back, and within days of my arriving two close friends are also having babies.  It really seems to be the year for it, and fortunately those people in my life who are popping out offspring are all doing it at convenient times.

Early this year my sister, and Mark’s sister had babies just before and while we were back in the country, and on this visit there’ll be two more.  It’s either great management, or people are consoling themselves in my absence in a pro-creational manner.  😉

It’s going to be an exciting trip!