Still nothing exciting

15 09 2008

Other than the days flying past and my departure date for Australia approaching rapidly, there’s just not much going on.

Just another Monday really.  Gym, Physical Therapy and the day is done.

Tomorrow will be a little different, I’ll mow the lawns.

Exciting hey?

It goes without saying that I’m excited to be going home, I may not even want to come back.  Actually, that goes without saying.  I want to move back!  AND soon!

Two years has been more than long enough, I want to pick up my career where I left off, re-enroll in University and spend my days being grateful for being back in Australia.  That’s not to say that it’s been awful over here, it’s just not home.  I’ll definitely be travelling back though in the future when I do finally move.

Now I have friends over here, I’ll be forever torn between two countries. ;)  But, that does mean I’ll have a great excuse for regular trips back! 😉

I’ve rambled on long enough.  Time to unwind for the evening.




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