Summer’s over

20 09 2008

Looks like the brief Summer that was, now isn’t.  It’s hard to believe that just this time last week I was at the fair and getting a mild sunburn, and this Saturday I’m at home wearing jeans, jumper and have the heater on while lying on the floor in front of the television, curled up with the cat and a blanket trying to keep warm.

Lazy Saturdays seem to be the go lately though.  I’m not complaining.

Tomorrow will start early though.  8.30 am in the morning at the gym, for a 90 minute massage.

I can imagine you’re feeling sorry for me right now. 😉

Then in the afternoon off to “Grace’s” house for drinks and football.  I can’t wait!

Hope you’re all having great weekends.

Not long now and I’ll be back in Australia for a while.  Yay!