Here, there and everywhere

26 09 2008

It’s been a super busy day today, and now that it’s quieted down for the afternoon I’m grabbing a bit of downtime.

As always, Friday morning starts with the gym, but straight from that it was on the road and looking at properties.

Houses to be precise.  We looked at six properties in total, three being contenders, one being absolutely hideous.  It’s only selling feature was that from top to bottom it was wood construction.  All the better to burn to the ground and start over.  Of the other two, they were older, one the layout wasn’t great and the property itself was too large and not appropriate, the final one had great bones to it, but for the price required far too much work.

Of all of them, the first one was the best one.  Very bright, nothing to be done to it, comfortable.  But there’s plenty more out there to be looked at.  So we’ll see what happens.

Now it’s wind down, relax, and prepare for tomorrow, where we’ll be heading out for a day of white water rafting and scotch tasting.  Very obviously not at the same time, that would be disastrous! 😉