Softly goes it

30 09 2008

Who’d have thought?  I’m quietly spoken and practice bad vocal hygiene.  *laugh*

Vocal hygiene, the first time I heard that phrase I visualised brushing and flossing my vocal cords…  Not a pleasant image, and completely incorrect.

As I learnt today, vocal hygiene is essentially practices that promote good health to your vocal cords.  Such as not yelling, not drinking caffeinated products, no smoking etc.  There’s lots more to it, but that’s a basic idea.

My Ears, Nose and Throat experience of last week (scope up the nose and down the throat), identified that I don’t efficiently use my vocal cords in day to day speech, quite probably due to straining my voice in the past when I’ve lost it (up to 6 weeks…  the people around me most likely rejoiced), so now have to re-learn to avoid my current practices.

Interesting…  I knew I was rather quietly spoken, but had no idea why.  After not speaking for nearly 6 weeks, when I finally got some semblance of a voice back it sounded (to me) like I was shouting. 

The Speech Therapist is great, my only point of concern, and I made it very clear in the beginning, is that I do NOT want to lose my Australian accent during the process.  Fortunately, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Yay!

All of this from a Dental visit…  Funny how things spiral…

I have a sneaking suspicion they saw me coming, and figured I’d believe everything they said.  Well…  I do have a pretty open schedule.  Well I did…

Tomorrow is an MRI.  35 years of avoiding the Medical Profession, and now it’s all catching up.

I’d think I was a hypochondriac, only it’s the professionals that are telling me there’s something wrong, I’m just curious as to what, and how they’re going to identify it and treat it.  Luckily, for me, none of it is life or death so far.

Like I’ve said before…  Never a dull moment!

At least I finally have something to entertain me during the day.  *laugh*  Oh dear… 😉




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