Wicked, it’s Wicked!

31 10 2008

I’m off to see the Australian production of Wicked this evening in Melbourne, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I saw it earlier this year in London and loved it, so it’ll be interesting how the Australian version compares.  Either way the show was brilliant, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it just as much the second time around, although this time at least it’s in a town I love and a venue that I’m familiar with.

The weekend is starting with a bang, or at least a puff of green smoke.


Oh my…

30 10 2008

Today’s been an absolutely full on day.  I’ve caught up with the lovely Tammy who announced that she’s pregnant again, played with her son Deshi, and my nephew Jack.

Visited with my nieces and played with them too, dined with my inlaws, Mark’s mother and step father, and am now home with my sister, and her husband again, and it’s just occurred to me that I’ve a little over a week to go before I pile myself back on a plane and start the long trip back to America.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been here almost a month already, and I’m still battling to catch up with everyone.

It’s going to be a super busy last few days, so I’m going to dash off now and get some shuteye.  I’m going to need all the sleep I can get.


The niceties of nieces

29 10 2008

I’m spending the evening with the in-laws getting in some quality time with my nieces who ARE gorgeous!

So you’ll just have to wait for an update when I’m done and have an Internet connection again.


Happy 90th Nan!

28 10 2008

Today is my Grandmothers 90th birthday!

We had a party for her over the weekend, where she was surrounded by four generations of her family to celerbrate her milestone early.  Today being the actual day, we took her out for lunch to the local RSL for lunch and a birthday cake.

She had a lovely day.  Happy Birthday Nan!  Hope you enjoyed yourself, we all love you lots and lots!

Next up, I had a short stint (not my first) babysitting my nephew this afternoon while my sister shot to the supermarket.  Poor little tike was over tired and not even remotely in the mood to sleep.
At a slight loss of what to do, I jumped on YouTube and fired up Avenue Q’s, It sucks to be me, and sung it to him.  Not your most orthodox method, but he seemed to enjoy the puppets on screen, and being sung to and promptly calmed down and started nodding off.

He’s still a little grumpy, but he’s teething so it’s understandable.

Here’s my babysitting video for your enjoyment.

Mixed bag

27 10 2008

I got to sleep in today, which was good, then the day turned crap.

Then fortunately I got to spend the day with my grandmother, showing her all my travel photos from this year, and that was brilliant.

We’ve not had the chance to spend almost an entire day together for a long time, especially without the distractions of shopping etc.  So what would otherwise have been the day from HELL, turned out ok in the end.

Thanks Nan! 🙂

Time Warp, Communion and a Party

26 10 2008

It’s been a busy 24 hours, and the day’s not over yet.

Yesterday I got to go and see The Rocky Horror Show on stage in Melbourne, followed by dinner and drinks, then after a decidedly late night, I was up early this morning to go to Church and take communion, a preparatory session in readiness for next weekends Christening of my nephew, and since I have pending Godfather status, I went along to make at least one appearance before the big day.

Followed up with…  My Grandmothers 90th birthday party.  A soiree packed to the rafters with relatives and friends, where my Grandmother got to be the smiling matriarch, bask in the attentions of her family, and pose for endless photos.

Good fun!

Now I’m home for a quick freshen up and nap before I head out again.


A moment of nothing…

25 10 2008

Perhaps there’ll even be a few more.

I’m in Australia, the weather is great, and I’m out to enjoy it.


Friday so soon?

24 10 2008

I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun, and fun I’ve been having.  Although my energy stores are starting to wane.  Tomorrow is going to be a quiet one.

I spent a relatively slower day at home today, lunch with my parents, sister and nephew.

Prior to lunch though, Mum and Kate (my sister) went off shoe shopping and left me with Jack, along with a long list of instructions.  Bah!

I had him in his highchair to feed him, today’s menu choice, sweet corn and chicken babyfood, which he ate like a little champion, wiped his face, burped him, played for a little while, put him on my shoulder and rocked him to sleep, before depositing him in his crib and resuming my day as normal.

Too easy!  Even easier, no nappy changes!  Ha!

Now, I’ve had a nap too, showered, and it’s off to dinner.

Tomorrow will definitely entail a sleep in.


Just passing…

23 10 2008

It’s been a totally full on day today.

I was up early and made breakfast for Mum and Dad.
Freshly squeezed orange juice, dill scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and toast.

Took off to take my Nan out for lunch at the local Pub, then a leisurely grocery shopping trip with her, before taking her home, helping her unpack, then connecting her DVD player for her.  She’s moved in recent months and it hadn’t been reconnected.  Kissed her goodbye and then went and visited with my sister Kate and nephew Jack.

A couple of hours of high jinx where I fed Jack, dripped water all over him so I could laugh at him wiping it off, squirted milk and water from a distance into his open mouth.  A method of drinking he loves, and handy for when he’s not entirely interested in a bottle, and not nearly as messy as you may imagine.  He actually opens his mouth, catches the drink and swallows without dribbling.  Not too shabby for a kid not quite 7 months old.

Burped him, played with him, shot home and organised dinner for Mum and Dad.

Not the entire meal.  Mum made fish patties, and I supplemented them with roasted cherry tomatoes in a balsamic vinegar reduction, green mixed herb salad, and watermelon, feta, olive and lime salad.

Now I’m full, in need of a good burp, and about to grab roughly an hours sleep before I head off to the next part of the evening.


Convenient laziness

22 10 2008

Today has been another huge day.  After a late night last night, followed by an early start to have breakfast with a friend, it was off to catch up with friends all day.

Up and down the freeway enough times to finally warrant having to get fuel for the car.

That’s where the first shock came in.  Back in America, you can fill your car and pay for fuel without ever having to go into the cashier as their are payment options at the pump.  Something not so readily available in Australia.  Usually I wouldn’t have minded, but the queue for the cashier was very long, and the cashier’s speed was in direct opposition to the expectations of those in said queue.

The second shock…  The price of fuel.  Everyone in America bitches regularly over how much fuel costs.  I’ve regularly pointed out how much cheaper it is in comparison to Australia, but until now, I’ve not had to purchase fuel.  So I was kind of horrified to realise that it cost the same price (not taking into account conversions, as that would make it even more expensive) to fill the Mazda I’m driving in Australia as it would to fill our 4WD in America.

Eek!  Oh well, the upside is the fuel efficiency of the Mazda is a lot better.

That’s it for me though, I’m absolutely exhausted, and I’m off to crawl into bed.