I’m on my way

13 10 2008

Well actually, as I type this, it’s still Sunday night, and I’m pre-blogging.  Primarily to ensure that I don’t forget if I run out of time.  One just has to be prepared.

So I’m guessing based on the time I’ve set this entry for that I’m not too far from having to board my flight from Los Angeles Melbourne.

Which means that I’ve been up since 4.30am as I had an early morning gym session.  Fortunately though, for the first time ever, aside from a pair of jeans, and my gym clothes, and toiletries.  I was fully packed and ready to go last night.

Oh, except for my laptop, which I’m quite obviously still using to type up this entry.

Not sure what else has happened, but I’m sure if anything totally interesting occurs, that I’ll catch you up in a later blog entry.  Which won’t be the next one as I’ll be in a plane somewhere probably over an ocean.

Next time I see you, I’ll be in Australia.