Just a quiet one

16 10 2008

That’s exactly what today was.  I spent the day with my parents, went for a couple of walks, we went out for lunch, came home for dinner, and now the day is over.

Very quiet, very relaxing, only one thing was amiss.  No nephew!

This is not right.  But, tomorrow I get to play with him nearly all day.  Yay!

Yesterday was fun, I got to play the role of bad influence Uncle and gave him a chocolate biscuit.  Which he preceded to suck on, smearing chocolate all over himself, his clothes, high chair etc.  For me, there wasn’t enough mess, so I borrowed his biscuit, smeared it on his forehead and one clean cheek, and then gave it back before snapping off a few very chocolatey photos, which will be just perfect in the future when he turns 21.  😉

Of course, I also had the grand job of cleaning him up at the end.  All fun though.  hehe!